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The life of a cool black cat

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15th February 2012

12:43am: bored
Hello there
I've been sleeping loads but having a few mad moments in the house playing with 'squeaky'. I'm enjoying the fact that mummy is experimenting with eating meat 'cos it's failing quite a lot and I get all the leftovers. Generally I'm pretty bored though! Roll on springtime.

8th May 2010

4:11am: Good golly gosh and all that
I'd completely forgotten I had this little trinket of a website to play with!
Can't believe it's still accessible and live.
"Neopets" went AWOL when I didn't play for 2 years - good on ya livejournal for keeping me going after all this time.

Lots of things have changed since the last update, some for good, some for bad.

Main thing is - 'I'm still here' - Yay
I'm 12 now, all grown up.

Maybe talk again soon, we'll see.

Belts x
Current Mood: shocked

21st March 2009

2:42pm: It's my birthday......i've been round the sun 11 times now -- wow.

Mummy gave me and Lilly some special tuna and cod in parsley sauce.
It was very yummy.

Current Mood: cheerful

27th February 2008

1:21am: OOOOWwww Shaaaakkkky
Me and Lilly came running downstairs a few minutes ago to check if Mummy and Daddy were OK, cos things started shaking.

Mummy was also quite alarmed and went running outside to see what the problem was. On the otherhand, Daddy was very cool and just said - it's OK guys, go back to bed, it's just an earthquake.

WHAT!!?? an earthquake??


Lilly, please protect me, please, I love you really.
...... :-) :-)

Beltaine needs a big sister to look after him.


18th August 2007

2:20am: power cut
We had an electricity power cut in our area today. The computer went off when Mummy had just started to do some work!! shame.

So anyway, Daddy decided they should go into town to celebrate her students AS level results, so they both spent lots of money at the Goth shop.

I didn't like some of their clothes, so to show my disapproval, I was sick on the living room floor... I was very subtle - I only did it in the corner. Because the lights were getting dim by that time, Daddy had to clean it up by torchlight.

Mummy then got lots of candles out. The house looked really cool.

Eventually the electricity came back on and all the excitement was over. Shall go back to sleep now.

Mr B
Current Mood: accomplished

16th May 2007

10:53pm: sick
I'm not feeling too well.
I was sick.... and I don't mean the kind of sick that Mummy's students think means 'cool'.
I did puke up on the settee and the floor.

The can-openers don't mind 'cos the leather settee just wipes down and, well.. the carpet in the back room has seen better days anyway.

It's Daddy's fault 'cos he let me eat the remnants of his breakfast cereal.

Feeling much better now.......

Love Belts

6th May 2007

11:57am: goings-on in the garden
I'm scared.
Strange things happened in the garden last night.
One of Mummy's pots was rummaged through and there was an empty eggshell in the grass.
Unless an alien's landed who's particularly fond of digging up special fuschias and sucking the insides out of bird's eggs, there's a fox about.

I'm just glad I was cuddling Mummy and Daddy last night.
Think I'll stay inside today......you know I'm a complete scaredy cat.

Current Mood: scared

21st March 2007

12:57am: My birthday
I know, I'm such a tart. Haven't posted in months and suddenly decide to let everyone know it's my birthday.

I'm 9 by the way.

I nagged Mummy to get off the settee and help me update my journal. I've been pestering generally for attention to remind them my birthday was coming up, but they've been ignoring me.

I really want a 'myspace page', but Mummy can't be arsed to help.

I'm having a nice birthday anyway
Mr Beltaine

26th October 2006

6:25pm: teeth or no teeth
That is the question....

I've worked out why my mouth feels different. I haven't got many sharp bits left.

I don't mind - I can still chomp on the hardest biscuits.

Mr B

17th October 2006

10:35pm: I'm feeling better
The pain has gone.
I can now get back to my usual self and give Lilly a really good hissing (without any dribbles).

Mr B

15th October 2006

9:59pm: confusion
Mummy took me in that horrid cage thing to the horrible place.
They prodded and poked around my mouth and then she left me there.

I can't remember much more, but my mouth feels funny now.
I'm dribbling everywhere. It's so undignified.
The pain seems to have gone though.

Shall update again when I feel better.

Current Mood: sore

4th October 2006

10:01am: Well, Mummy and Daddy went out and left me and Lilly all alone.
Mummy said she'd met 'avaritia' and she was lovely. :-)

I was sitting in the same place when they arrived home as I'd been when they left. Hopefully this will make them feel that I hadn't moved and therefore reeeaaaally guilty.

Mr B

16th June 2006

12:31am: I am the real 'Big Brother'
Me and Lilly have had so many problems to deal with recently. We've both been very annoyed by the new guy in the area.

Although Lilly is older than me and much better at fighting, she's been struggling with fending off 'no-tail'. I am trying to help her, but I'm a bit soft and don't do fights. I will try to look after her and be her 'big brother'. We shall pull together and make a 'team' (d'd'd'do). If necessary we shall go on a team-building course like Mummy did last week.

Of course, I would be of more use to Lilly if she didn't attack ME through the cat flap!?


21st March 2006

10:40pm: It's my birthday
I'm 8 today. How exciting.

Mummy gave me and Lilly some particularly good food for tea. So good, that I caught Lilly eating some of mine later on. I was saving that..and that situation doesn't happen very often....... Mmm, must find a way of getting her back.

My new little website is now up and running; check the last post for the link.
You must be nice to me on my birthday.......so no more rude comments about the software I had to use!!!

OOOps, just fell of the table while trying to help Mummy with her typing.
Shall go and check other things while pretending that was intentional.

Mr B
Current Mood: happy

19th March 2006

12:57am: my new website
It's in the development stages. I know I've got a long way to go, but you can now see the first draft of my new website:

Thanks to Mummy for the design and Daddy for some special expertise.....


Shall update soon, love Belts xxx

15th March 2006

11:32pm: new horizons
I shall be creating a little website, just to test my new ICT skills.
shall post the link as soon as I can.

best wishes to all avid readers....

love Beltaine

9th March 2006

11:44pm: wow, back again
The long-lost Beltaine is possibly back??!!
I'm bored spending all my time sleeping and occasionally attacking Lilly.
I would like to develop my skills and create my own website.
Of course it will be full of silly things - some possibly cat-related, but not necessarily.

Reply if you see this. I'd love some encouragement. :-)

tons of love from
(the very cool cat).

P.S. You may have to a big Duran Duran fan to appreciate this::::: but:
Is there anyone out there, anyone else outside. Oooooh, outside there, is there anyone out there, anyone else outside.............?
Current Mood: happy

25th August 2005

7:23pm: long lost Beltaine
I'm fine, don't worry fans!
I've been sunning myself in the back garden and generally chilling out. Have gone a bit 'brown', most unsavoury!

Mummy says she can't be arsed to log me on to the computer anymore and help me with the keyboard presses, so I probably won't speak for a while 'again'. Who knows, she may change her mind soon!

Mummy says 'Everything runs it's course'.

I am thinking, however, that I can work out some other way of getting online. We'll see. Maybe Daddy will give me internet access and help me with the keyboard?

Love and sincere best wishes to everyone who has ever read/replied to my little diary.

BTW: I'm still as stunning and gorgeous as I ever was; happy and as relaxed as usual.


Mr B

5th June 2005

10:53am: update
It's been a while hasn't it! I've had much more important things to do than write; Last week I brought in 2 birds and left them in the middle of the living room floor for Mummy and Daddy to stand on. They loved my presents. The birds were both dead and Daddy thinks I might have found them like that but I can assure you that it was all my own work. I also walked (almost) to the top of the street when I followed Mummy to the shop. I stopped 'cos it got a bit scary; there was a bigger road and lots of weird people. I waited for Mummy to come back and jumped out at her from behind a wheelie bin... that scared her! Ha!

We've just had a fab breakfast of Hilife mackerel cutlets in jelly. Mummy and Daddy bought us some good food so we could join in the celebration of the fact that they've been together for 4 circuits of the planet moving round the big yellow thing; whatever that means. I don't care, all I'm bothered about is that the food got good. Apparently they went out for good food last night too; bet it wasn't as good as Hilife mackerel though!

Well, I can hear more birds calling me to go and catch them, so I'll see you later dudes.
Current Mood: happy

16th April 2005

1:26am: food alert
The food got a bit scarce,'cos Mummy and Daddy have been bad parents!
The big issue is that we ran out of biscuits. I can manage with all sorts of rubbishy tinned food, but I usually rely on my biscuits to save the day. I'm not happy!!!!!
Where are my biscuits?

3rd April 2005

9:35am: Mmm? Wondering?
I overheard Mummy and Daddy talking. They mentioned worms and I don't think they were thinking of them as extra pets. Me and Lilly have been eating more recently and Mummy caught me running my bottom across the rug. She has put said rug in the washing machine and I'm waiting for the scary food! I shall be very careful, there's no catching me out with tablets crushed in tuna!!!

23rd March 2005

10:13pm: Food, of course
Well, me and Lilly are grouping together and totally refusing all the food we've been given since my birthday meal of salmon.
I'm 7 years old and now that I'm grown up, I expect better. Lilly agrees and she's older than me, so there!
Actually, We're both probably older than Mummy and Daddy in cat years?! Does anyone know what the official cat conversion calculation is?

I think they should respect us as the house-elders, particularly me, of course, as I was here first!!
Beltaine the very important.
Current Mood: indignant

22nd March 2005

1:10am: birthdays
Wehehe....it's my birthday today; actually I should say yesterday. I've had such a party that I've not realised how the day's flown by.

I chased Cheekycat down the road, made Lilly hiss twice and sat waiting at my bowl until I got good food. I'm quite annoyed at Mummy and Daddy actually 'cos they seemed to have forgotten. It took ages 'til the salmon came out. Mummy gave me lots of hugs when I was trying to get to the foodbowl. I think she felt guilty!

I'm now going to crash out on my beanbag and dream of more salmon.

Seeya, love Belts xxxx
Current Mood: content

17th February 2005

10:17am: Long time no speak
It's winter and it's cold outside so I've been sleeping mainly, taking a little break to eat, then more sleeping, a bit more eating and then a lot more sleeping. This was followed by quite a lot of eating and a hell of a lot of sleeping. Then I went out for a poo. Then I did a bit of eating, followed by more sleeping, a bit more eating and then a lot more sleeping. This continued with quite a lot of eating and a hell of a lot of sleeping. I then did a bit of eating, had another poo, followed by more sleeping, a bit more eating and then a lot more sleeping. This was finished off with quite a lot of eating and a hell of a lot of sleeping.
Must stop now, 'cos I've got more eating, sleeping and pooing to do.

Will talk again when I do something interesting
Love Belts
Current Mood: content

29th December 2004

11:11pm: Well the food situation's improved. Friends and relatives took pity on us and sent us chicken and turkey to save us from the horror of 'MyCat'. I am expecting to get fresh cooked meat all the time from now on, Mummy, OK!
Current Mood: content
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